Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mature Cocksucker Fern Relkin Veteran Actress Of Adult Theater Blowjob & Feet Films

      An in-depth interview by adult film critic Christopher Kholber    


Back in the 1990's Mature Felatrice Fern Relkin first did two feet films for men that were sold by Adult Boutique in Maplewood, New Jersey. Then she also had appeared in a blowjob film they carried produced by photographer Steve Nash of South Orange New Jersey called "Hungry Ms. Relkin". The film opened with Mr. Nash announcing "I'M ABOUT TO GO TO WORK ON A COCKSUCKER'S BARE FEET" and then started aggressively torture-tickling the soles and toes of the woman as she started cackeling and wailing hysterically, and surely couldn't take the actor's foot torture for very long. I am convinced he was bringing this poor woman to the point of insanity and nervous system damage the crazy way she was carrying on.  When she finally regained her composure Ms. Relkin grabbed hold of his huge dick and started to shamelessly suck, and then wickedly bite & gnaw into Nash's 12 inch rock hard boner like a female cannibal, leaving teeth marks imprinted on the side of his meat stick's shaft. 

Ms. Relkin was very amused at the fact that she was asked  to bite into his 12 inch carrot as the scene was filmed to the sound of "walnuts cracking". “Why not!” she exclaimed.  She also chuckled "I could barely fit my mounth around this guy's stalk!" 

At one point Nash started yelling, "LADY AAAH, AAAH!!..,. OH LADY AAAH AAAH!!...."TAKE IT EASY COCKSUCKER! YOU’RE EATING ME ALIVE!!" He then lost it and started shooting all over her face and got it in her hair also.

    This Linda Lovelace of Montclair New Jersey appeared in the films of adult theaters like The Little Theater in Newark New Jersey sucking a variety of men's dicks in the 1970's.  Ms. Relkin later remarked when I interviewed her.... "When Nash first asked me to do his film, I was reluctant to do it because I was getting engaged to be married. But then I thought...what the hell, a gal’s last fling, (???) and having some man named Nash and his 12 Inch carrot popped in my mouth, probably choking & gagging me, hey why not go for it!

(Her laughter)

         "I had no idea what getting my feet tickled by Nash would be like since I didn’t experience this from sucking other men's dicks in the films". She was warned that Nash had a reputation for really "going to work" on a woman's bare feet, but she said, "I figured I'd just have to endure it." Oh yeah Lady Cocksucker, you really think so?

"As it turned out this guy Nash was really into torture-tickling my bare feet to the point of getting me seriously unhinged, and at that moment I decided I’m gonna bite this guy's boner hard enough to leave teeth marks as he yowls."

      When asked about her boyfriend Dennis, she

"He probably will see the film, and when he does as far as I'm concerned he's just another man watching in the audience, and I’m not bothered by that. I'm a little bit of a sadist, and I would enjoy him getting shocked, and really twisted out as Steve Nash tortures my bare feet and Dennis listens to my insane cackeling, and when I shamelessly sink my teeth into Nash's boner until he shoots all over my face."  "Can you imagine the queeziness in my boyfriend Dennis's stomach and the look on his face if he watches me go to work in the "walnuts cracking" scene?     (a little maniacal smile on the woman's face).  


  If you have any Idea of Steve Nash's whereabouts or where to find this movie on Fern Relkin (the woman will look a little younger) or just voice your comments about this woman you can email me at stewartdennis1951@gmail.com


  Here are some pics of Fern I took as she looks today.

Cocksucker Fern at Baerhs    Sandy Hook NJ
Ms. Relkin gnawing the underside of Kholber's boner
Kholber handling Ms. Relkin's thin-skinned sole
Ms. Relkin attending Kholber
Ms. Relkin demonstrating her biting technique.